About (or simply just Nightwalkers) is a free zombie survival game that plays in your browser featuring real multiplayer (no bots).


The game features several gameplay mechanics: Zombie ShootingNoise, Apocalypse, building, resource management, player leveling, and most importantly co-op.


Noise is a gameplay mechanic which appears after Level 2 during the nights. On the right side of the screen you have the Noise Meter UI.

Most actions from your character will create Noise and the Noise Meter will turn red. Not doing anything will make the Noise go down and the Noise Meter will turn blue. Once the Noise Meter is full, zombies will be alerted by your presence and will try to catch and kill you.

As you level up you will also create more Noise, however at Level 10 you unlock the Silent Boots which will allow you to not make any Noise while running.


An Apocalypse can be started at any time by the player with the Skull button on the bottom left side. The shortcut key for this is Y.

At first the Apocalypse will be weak but next ones will increase in power.

If the player which started the Apocalypse takes shelter in the Safe Zone, his Apocalypse cooldown will be much bigger than usual.


There wouldn't be a survival game without some building!

Pressing B on your keyboard will open the circular building menu. Each building has a limit based on your level, and the higher you are, the higher the limit is.

  • Wooden Fence - used for stopping zombies until it gets destroyed.
  • Bear Trap - traps and damages zombies (except the Tentacle Zombie); once the trapped zombie dies, the trap opens up again after a short while.
  • Flame Turret - shoots fire in a cone, great for AOE (area of effect) damage.
  • Spike Trap - damages zombies walking over it.
  • Oil Spill - slows down zombies walking over it.
  • Crafting Table - unlocked at a higher level, right clicking it opens up the unique crafting menu where players can make Machine guns and Crossbows. Any player can use any Crafting Table and since it's quite expensive, it's better to group up and build only one.

Resource management

There are 6 types of resources in the Nightwalkers:

  • Nightwalkers wood resourceWood
  • Nightwalkers metal resourceMetal
  • Nightwalkers circuit board resourceCircuit Boards
  • Nightwalkers Fairy Folds which the player can use in the Medical Station to create medpacks.Fairy Folds
  • Nightwalkers Snake Beard resource which is used to create healing itemsSnake Beard
  • Nightwalkers Cosmic Dust resource which is used to empower the playerCosmic Dust
Nightwalkers hardcore button which spawns waves of zombies
Hardcore button

Nightwalkers wood resourceWood

Wood is acquired by shooting benches and crates. It's used the most to create Wooden Fences. Even though the Crafting Bench and the Flame Turret use more Wood than a Fence, the limit for the fences is greatly increased, after all it's your first way of stopping the zombie horde so don't be shy of spamming them.

Nightwalkers metal resourceMetal

Metal parts can be gathered by damaging lamp posts and trash cans. Their most often used in building the Bear Traps since the limit for this building is quite high.

Nightwalkers circuit board resourceCircuit Boards

Metal parts can be gathered by damaging lamp posts and trash cans. Their most often used in building the Bear Traps since the limit for this building is quite high.

Nightwalkers Fairy Folds which can be used by the user inside the Medical Tent to create healing medpacks.Fairy Folds

Fairy Folds are found in the forest. They can be used at the Medical Station within the Medical Tent to create healing medpacks.

Nightwalkers Sneak Beard can be utilized by the players to create healing items such as medpacks. This requires the use of the Medical Station.Snake Beard

Along with Fairy Folds, Snake Beard is also required to create medpacks.

Cosmic Dust in Nightwalkers is a resource which slowly gathers even while being AFK.Cosmic Dust

The purple particles slowly descend from the sky. The air is different, the more you inhale, the stronger you feel.

This Cosmic Dust seems to be everywhere now. It's like a free currency.

Your power increases and rewards soon follow. Noobs present you with gifts in hopes of you protecting them. Beasts are attracted by your power and submit to your greatness.

Cosmic Dust can be acquired from doing almost anything, even by not doing anything at all.

It does not require to be looted and will serve you well in the battles ahead.

Player leveling

Nightwalkers player leveling up
Player leveling up

Gaining levels is the main way of progressing through the game and is done by acquiring Experience.

Experience is gained by shooting objects which drop materials and killing zombies.

Since Nightwalkers is a co-op game, some Experience is shared throughout the whole map so if people kill in one corner be sure you'll also get at least a bit.

Leveling up rewards you with resources, weapons and health packs (which are activated by pressing Spacebar on your keyboard), higher limits for the number of buildings, new buildings unlocked and other bonuses such as Laser Sight, Silent Boots, and more.


The controls are the usual WASD keys or arrow keys and the mouse for aiming.

  • Left mouse button - shoots the currently equipped weapon or places the building you're holding.
  • Right mouse button - exits the building mode and equips your weapon again unless it is clicked over a Crafting Table, in which case the specific crafting menu will open.
  • Shift - for sprinting.
  • Spacebar - for jumping.
  • Y - starts an Apocalypse.
  • P - opens the pets UI.
  • N - summons your mount if you have acquired any.
  • B - opens the building menu.
  • Keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 equip you with the weapon you have previously acquired.
  • E - uses medpack for healing.


  • At low levels focus on gathering as many materials as you can. Shooting them will level you up.
  • Being a co-op game your chances of survival greatly increase if you team up with more people.
  • Start building your base with fences to protect the inner part which should host the Flame Turrets.
  • Traps are good to keep small zombies in place while you focus on the big ones.
  • Use the Hardcore button carefully and only after you have a well-established base.


User feedback is the best way for us to know what to improve, but we realize that your time is very important. A single line reply would be enough, and we'd be grateful for it. You can drop us a message here.

Game updates & patch notes

Version 10.0.104.Feb.2022

  • Remade the characters, now with A LOT of customizations - there are millions of unique combinations.
  • Some features are temporarily disabled while we test new changes.
  • Added Sprinting - you can sprint with the Shift key. It does not use any stamina yet.
  • You can zoom in and out.

Version 9.0.224.Aug.2021

  • Added Day and Night cycle
  • Apocalypse happens during the Night, and extra harder if you press the Hardcore button
  • Added neutral zombies - there's always something to kill now!
  • Cleaned the UI

Version 8.0.029.Apr.2021

  • Remade the map, added Marshlands and Dark Forest, remade resources
  • Added 2 crashed UFOs, go explore!
  • Safe zone in the middle
  • Cosmic Dust gives you temporary mounts now

Version 5.1

  • Crossbow added as a new weapon added to celebrate the release of our newest io game: CastleWars. The bolt does a lot of damage and impales zombies slowing them down (except the Tentacle zombie). It is crafted from the Crafting Table building.
  • Added daily login rewards. Try your luck and you can get some pretty cool loot.
  • Minor bug fixes and optimizations.