About CastleWars

CastleWars is a free multiplayer HTML5 browser game (io game) with tower defense mechanics, castle building, pvp and dragons.


Your kingdom floats up in the sky and you must navigate it through the clouds in order to kill drakes, dragons and other players ruling their own custom castles or you can avoid all these and play peacefully by just collecting floating mana orbs for XP.

The spawning dragons and drakes scale with the level of your castle so there will always be a challenge, and if you can't kill them you can always escape by sprinting (right mouse button).


CastleWars player with max level upgrades
CastleWars castle with max upgrades

The gameplay is unique and combines shooting accuracy and fast reflexes. The arrows are affected by inertia and by how long your charge the shot. Shooting while moving is a very good tactic for chasing people because your arrows go further than standing still. Each type of arrow is unique and affects the gameplay in its own specific way (smaller and faster, slower but bigger, etc.).

CastleWars has a total of 145 upgrades you can unlock and you lose half of those each time you die. In this way the player isn't punished like in other games where you have to start from scratch every time you make a mistake and get killed, we don't like that :(

There isn't any maximum level set in place, however once you reach Level 145 there is nothing to upgrade anymore. Each level gives you 1 upgrade point which you can use to upgrade from a small flimsy town-like castle into the most badass citadel from Hell!

Apart from upgrading your towers, walls, and arrows, you can also change the appearance of your floating land cause people wanna look as badass as they are, right?! Choose between barren desert, lush grassland, undead graveyard and Hell.


The controls are the basic WASD or arrow keys and the mouse. 

  • Left mouse button - charge up the attack which shoots towards the mouse cursor.
  • Right mouse button - starts the sprinting which can help you escape dangerous situations; the higher your level, the slower it charges.


  • At low levels focus on collecting the floating mana orbs, it's a bit hard to kill drakes and even harder to kill dragons.
  • Focus on upgrading towers and projectiles; upgrading walls is great for defense but you need firepower to begin with.
  • Use the Sprint often at low levels (left mouse button) as it recharges fast.
  • Sometimes other people will team up with you if you are friendly.


User feedback is the best way for us to know what to improve but we realize that your time is very important. A single line reply would be enough and we'd be grateful for it. You can drop us a message here.

Game updates & patch notes

Version 1.2.5

  • Removed the mouse look camera option for being too distracting.
  • Removed some ads which were becoming annoying, we do not have any control on what types of ads show, sorry
  • Improved the Dragon's fireballs to give players more room to dodge them.
  • Other small bug fixes

Version 1.2.0

CastleWars tutorial showing the new mouse interface
New mouse tutorial interface
  • Your base speed at low levels is faster to help you escape.
  • Sprinting recharges faster at low levels to help people escape danger.
  • Dragons and their projectiles have been nerfed.
  • Fixed certain problems the button "Play again" was having.
  • Sprinting will now leave a trail behind the player doing so in order to show others what's happening (since sprinting may not be so obvious at times).
  • Added a GUI tutorial for the mouse controls.

Version 1.1.4

  • Fixed a bug which allowed dragons to team up against you.
  • Pressing Space Bar will now make your castle shoot projectiles.
  • The dragon's damage to players has been lowered.

Version 1.1.0

  • A pretty cool addition: whenever the server resets (due to us either updating it or for regular maintenance) the castles will get reset back to level how but the players will hold their XP so they can upgrade instantly when they get back in.
  • Adjusted XP gains and buffed the dragons a bit.

Version 0.9.7 beta

  • Fixed an issue with some dragons not taking damage.
  • Fixed a problem where the server would restart.
  • Fixed a bug where dragons could be exploited (not nice :D ).
  • Added levels to the leaderboard.
  • Adjusted Mana Orbs Spawn and the XP they give.
  • Added a text box for our Candy skin code which can be acquired from our Discord.
  • A bit off-topic but we're working on adding a Crossbow weapon to one of our most popular games - in celebration of releasing CastleWars.