Curiosity… could have killed the elf?

Disclaimer: Half original story, half modified as I deemed necessary a much better ending. 


“Shut up!” Jillian cried out in a desperate, high pitched tone. He buried his face in his smooth hands and leaned back into his chair. “I can’t take it anymore!” He picked up a piece of bread from his plate and threw it at Náro’s head wheezing exhausted from laughter. “I don’t want to hear more about tha—” His voice died down as his green eyes caught a strange, tiny figure, moving in the tavern corner. He stood up, watching the creatures every movement with intense interest.

The elven twins Nathaniel and Náro looked at him in shared confusion. “It didn’t sound that bad did it?” Náro asked while brushing breadcrumbs off his lap.

Jillian wasn’t listening. He was already on his way stalking the creature with stealthy moves. It looked like a small black lizard, little bony spikes protruding from its back and tail, and its eyes a glistening red. “Awesome.” He reached out and quickly grabbed it before it could run away. It squeaked loudly and tried to bite his hand, but its neck was too short to reach anything. “Hello little one.” He said with a smile and held it up in the sunlight pouring through a window. “Where did you come from?”

The black lizard responded with a small hissing noise, and its tongue smelled the air. Proud over his prey Jillian made his way back to the table where his friends were sitting.

“Look at this poor thing, it looks so evil.” He examined its body a bit closer, trying to remember if he had read about such a creature or seen anything similar before. It twisted and flailed its small legs displeased with the way it was handled.

“Uh… look at what? Nathaniel squinted unable to get a glimpse of anything.

“This lizard… thing that I’m holding…” Jillian gave his friend a stabbing glare.

“Jillian,” Náro shook his head with a doubtful expression. “There is nothing there.”

“What?” Jillian looked at his friends, and back at the lizard. “Of course there is!” He was sure he was holding something, he could both see and feel it. Its heart beating against his palm. “You really can’t see it?”

“See what?” The twins started to look quite worried about their friends sanity. “Are you sure you’re not drunk already? Slipped something unusual into your own drink? Again…”

“Ugh. Yes! I’m sure.” He grabbed a bucket used for cleaning and put it on the table, then gently dropped the reptile in it. The three elves were now gazing at this black thing running around in circles so fast that its shape could not be distinguished. All of a sudden the commotion stopped as the creature noticed it was being watched. Raising his small head towards the gazing elves tiny fireballs started erupting.

“Heroic animal!” Jillian yelled as he pushed Náro and his brother to the side in an attempt to prevent burning scars.

Náro’s foot got stuck in a dislodged floor piece and fell flat on his chest, with Nathaniel and Jillian on top of him.

“What the fuck is that? A bloody dragon or something?” Náro’s voice could be heard as if buried underground.

Jillian grabbed the two brothers and dragged them outside. Looking behind, the fireballs were now slowly burning the tavern’s ceiling.

“Not this sh…” The remaining of his curse could not be heard; a loud boom overlapping every other sound. The bucket exploded into a small fiery balls, and along with it, the poor lizard.

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