Other small games

Black Bobby, The Hole

Feed The Hole

Version: 1.1

Embark on a dramatic love adventure quest! Featuring one of the most cute space object – Bobby, the black hole.
Bobby manages to fall in love with tiny asteroids but, unaware of his super powers, he swallows them whole. Obviously surprised after every encounter, Bobby gets sad that the shy asteroid miraculously disappears. The bigger he becomes, the bigger the asteroids he attracts and what started off as innocent love now became a fight for survival.

This is the prototype used here.


Fucking Santa

Santa - full

Version: 1.6

Santa Clause made a big mess in the factory and there are presents all over the place. The fact that he’s as fat as ever isn’t helping his reindeer either.

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa needs to start delivering gifts for all the boys and girls out there. Help Santa dodge presents so that he can escape the factory and bring joy to children all over the world.





Drug Jump

Art by Elin Pettersson

Version: 0.159 (beta) – development on hold

A fast paced, challenging arcade game that sends a clear message: Don’t do drugs!

You are a normal person who’s life took a turn for the worse. You are sad, scared and weakened but can’t stop taking drugs otherwise the depression will take over and force you into committing suicide.

Similar to what happens in real life with drug addicts, you, playing as one, will always lose at this game. The damages done to your body cannot be reversed.