Game’s progress status April 2016

Progress status April 2016 featured

I started Corpus Inedia: Hopeless Situation Scientist in late 2014. It went through some major changes and the grind is ongoing.

Disclaimer 1: the information found here is an estimation of the game’s completion, and as much as I want to keep the estimation close to what it’s going to be like when it’s live, there’s always room for error.

Disclaimer 2: this is a work in progress, some (most) elements here are not final, especially the art.

Story – 25% done

2016.04.26 articy Project overview

Glued the flowchart consisting of 50% of the first pick your path element


Work on the story has taken around 4 weeks and I estimate it’s only 25% finished or so. The reason why this is taking so long is that pick your path is not easy.

It started with an extensive research of about a week to find a software product capable of handling such huge flowcharts.

The rest of time was split up in 2:

  1. a part was used in the attempt of creating a story where each small piece provides entertainment, either with its silliness or its witty replies
  2. the second part consisted out of figuring out a way to make every answer given by the player meaningful

In the latter part, even though the pick your path has a few set outcomes (because the game must progress in that manner, it wouldn’t make any sense for the player to manage to kill his opponent outright – that would end the game), right so even though the pick your path has a few outcomes, how the player gets to them is completely up to him, and if he makes too many mistakes, he kills the protagonist, thus ending the game.

Half of the first choose your path story

Half of the first choose your path story


Also, the path taken by the player will provide in the long run certain advantages or disadvantages in the form of injuries or items gained/lost.

The user will somewhat unlock miscellaneous past events leading to a better understanding of the game’s context and providing replay value.

Gameplay mechanics – 50% done

Boiling pot logic and animation


The mechanics available in the game mostly center themselves around the point and click genre. That means a good inventory system, an item system which allows the player to interact with items, some puzzles (illogical ones kept to a minimum if not completely banished – what I find logical might not be so for others which is where beta testing comes in place -), navigation system around the game’s world and a few more minor ones not worth mentioning.

Cleaning up the room uncovering clues


Game world – 6.6% done

The game takes place in Vladimir‘s Victorian house. Right now only 1 part of a room is almost done, which leaves me with about 14 left.

House layout Progress status April 2016

Item interaction – 5% done

More than half of the items are interactable. Some will have actions while others will only have a small part of the story attached.


Oh no….le gas!

Spit on that item!

Spit on that item!


The 5% estimation is pretty rough as I do not have yet a set number of items that will be available, however, as an example the room part which is almost done has almost 100 items, all of them with a story attached, and around 30% with actions.

Item list for 1 scene (out of ~ 15)



I wrote this article as a way to explain the progress of this project, progress which goes slow but steady. Also by writing this, I did gain a better image of the direction where this is going.

Overall this is the status of Corpus Inedia: Hopeless Situation Scientist

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