Halloween experienced by Vladimir


Outside, children playing, laughing, making adults around them smile at the little ones’ joy.

Suffering from previous drug abuse and antisocial personality disorder what could be worse for a notorious scientist with such qualities? I shall tell you, a more invasive version of these small demons, a version which comes up costumed and knocks at your door, attempts to get in your house, tries to steal your sucrose.

‘Annoying little brats…’
The window would usually squeaky its way opened but this time it was too sudden. The lack of sound caught everyone by surprise.
‘CHILDREN!’ a rugged voice yelled.
The miniature monsters gasped and with a loud group scream started running in every direction.
All but one, the creatures disappeared from sight. The remaining soul, leaning against the door, was shaking in fear. Underneath, a puddle of its own juice.
‘Did you just pee on my doorway, you little SHIT?’
A small pause and the voice continued ‘Here, have some candy!’. Having said that, the pumpkin headed man threw a half eaten chocolate bar at the monster’s head. The impact was so powerful that the creature stumbled and fell off the wooden platform landing on the moist dirt.

The window got closed and the pumpkin removed, at least for now…

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