An angry artist


Initial design


Corpus Inedia‘s initial design was completely different from what it came to be eventually: an 18+ pick your path & point and click adventure game.

The project suffered a few redesigns which meant that the whole game had to be scrapped and remade. No matter how much I tried to design it well from the start, as the project went on and I became more experienced I realized more and more issues were creeping in.

The artist hated me and so did I

I would start with “Hey! I got an idea!”. She would frown, sulk and eventually ask “What is it now?”

My new ideas always had to replace old ones, and usually old ideas had sketches, concept art or even real art in them so obviously, that work would have next to no value now. I understood the frustration. I was quite embarrassed by this and it was only myself to be blamed.

She would usually go with it, sigh and open an empty file to start all over again. I would feel terrible, but how would we both feel if we’d release the first idea and it would turn out to be awful?

Jumping on drugs


The first idea was to make a jumping game targeting the Windows Phone platform. The user would play the role of a drug addict that had to jump on pills in order to fuel his addiction. If he failed he would fall off the screen and into a coffin on the bottom. The story would be that by stopping to take the drugs, the character fell into a pit of depression which leads to him committing suicide.

The game would have levels which would increase the difficulty but provide the player with means of overcoming unlucky situations with abilities that got unlocked.

In order to provide some visual feedback to the user advancing through the game, the background would change from a ghetto backstreet alley to several other locations and finally to a hospital as the game would end.

Finally, the last element that would have been included was an achievement system.

Why it was stupid

AnAngryArtist_SyringeThe reasons for this to be put aside were multiple but the most important one was that it’s logic and moral wasn’t what I was aiming for. Basically the user would understand that if there’s someone fighting a drug addiction, they must continue taking the drugs until they get to the hospital, otherwise, they die. That’s just stupid.

Before using a broke drug addict as a character, the user would play the role of a famous person. The game would then show how drugs would ruin your life as the VIP would lose his fame and fortune but again, the conclusion wasn’t significant as the user didn’t quite have any other choice than to jump on the happy pills. It was an anti-game actually, just like in golf, the less you play the better you are.




I’m bad. That’s the conclusion.AnAngryArtist_RIP

It would have been fun to try and use new mechanics to make a more original game, and it will probably happen in the future, but I would rather keep that for when I have more experience.

The jumping game character got modified and so did the setting. The next design was about a scientist with drug and alcohol problems that had to figure out a cure to save his test subjects – a few puppies.

Simple, clean, point and click…or was it?


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