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Vladimir. An infamous scientist known for experimenting on vagrants and drug addicts while living shamelessly comfortable in his Victorian house.

Transylvania, modern times.

Avoided by neighbors, accustomed with the police, renowned by shady political figures.

Intelligence and boredom created his obsession with finding cures to odd diseases using whatever means necessary.

And what better way to fuel it than to solve the puzzle behind the biggest biological threat of the century?

Corpus Inedia – A deadly virus engineered in laboratories as a biological weapon for desperate times.

Reckless use during military campaigns offered the pathogen an opportunity to escape and spread.
The infection attacks the victim’s nervous system and early symptoms include heavy hallucinations.

Point and what?

Corpus Inedia is an 18+ nonconformist pick your path, point and click adventure game. It follows the struggles of a researcher with slightly macabre intentions. The company for which he was developing the cure betrayed him and now he’s out for revenge… or is he?

It’s up to the player how to react in certain situations. The decisions will deliver a different outcome, and thus a different ending to everything.

Windoge machine


‘I see you’re still smoking those plants of yours’ he said with an ugly grin. ‘You didn’t tell me how you made them grow so fast…’

Cannabis Plant


In this first game you will see the world through the ghetto scientist’s eyes. Usually, your day would start off with a few coffee cups for breakfast followed by some home-made substances ending with a good night’s hazy sleep all the while working on an antidote in search for fame and more importantly money – money to spend on prostitutes and other temporary pleasures.

You were betrayed by the organization which funded your research and now you must do…at least two things: remake the antidote which was stolen and find a way to get revenge.

Considering the amount of drugs, sex toys and bondage “tools” available in this 18+ game…you shouldn’t have any problems with the latter one.


How is this different than other point and click games?

1. For once it’s not illogical as other games are, where you must try to combine every item with the rest of the world. It has a lot of miscellaneous funny interactions which are not required to advance in the game.

2. Another important feature is the pick your path story which appears every now and then. Every choice leads to 3 more and so on; none of which are identical, expanding to different endings.

Half of the first choose your path story

Half of the first pick your path story


3. Lastly, it does not hold back on what some might call “offensive content“. Homosexuality and sexual action, brony porn, substance abuse, anti-feminism – overall the best of Tumblr.
This can be avoided by the player if he so wishes to, but why the heck would he want that?

The game has been in development starting from December 2014 and is currently in alpha stage.

  1. Damn!! this is dark!! and its good though.
    I am not a fan of point & clicks but you mentioned it would be different, then I would give it a try! 😉

    Any demo/alpha versions!??

    • I don’t usually like point and click games either, with all the combinations that one must try in order to get somewhere – so I’ll try to make this different in such a way.
      Was that what kept you away from point and click games or is there something else?

      No demo version yet, perhaps in a few months.

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