The Greenlight campaign

Old news but good news

This post is made as a reference for the one that was used when the Greenlight campaign was live. Seeing as we got Greenlit after 2 weeks with 302 votes, I figured one might find some funny and completely relevant information about Bobby and the Milky Wow Galaxy.

(announcer voice) Andddd here it is! Black Bobby The Hole’s Greenlight campaign!

Explore space as an AWESOMETASTIC black hole (because fuck spaceships) in this ability based arcade game. Hunt down a cursing entity PROPAGANDING (from propaganda aight?) randomly generated funky insults throughout the galaxy.


Follow the recently mentally distorted black hole, Bobby, in his journey to shut up a cursing entity.


Not cool enough? How about side objectives for random things which are not necessarily game related?
Here’s a lousy poem I wrote especially for you my dear reader:

Visit a website
Get a code
Do some research
Much reward



Mean asteroids man…mean, filthy, discarded, asteroids. You wouldn’t even guess where they come from! Either bash them in the face or use awesome abilities of ELECTROMAGNIFICENCEN!


Bobby doesn’t have hands, so no swords here…yet. Instead we got the amazing Goeuei, kinda similar to BuggerOff.


Bobby can do cooler stuff too. Each level comes with a new skill, which means that at max level (10), you can just bash the living crap out of them and do amazing things while making the dishes, doing the laundry, making food or sleeping with someone.


Earth, Fire, Wind, Heart….Captain Bobby! (okey that’s actually ice…and the mushroom kicks in your brain to be honest)


Destroy them coming in waves, waving while coming in waves, not coming at all.
Eat the mushroom, get high! The controls are all fucked up now, get low!


Fluffopath! The THING that’s been cursing throughout the Milky Wow galaxy. His special ability: Mindless Randomly Generated Funky Insults. Winner of the Yo Mama Jokes award 3 years in a row.


Bobby would participate too, but he doesn’t have a mouth you see.
Don’t worry. Fluffopath’s not that dark, his stupid face is just a secret for now. Need to keep that tension going y’know.



You get eaten…and then you fight these pussie (notice, comes from the word “puss”) fellows.



  • Options…WOW!
  • Bobby customizations, you can even pull his eyes out!
  • Can think of Bobby The Black Hole as Bobby the Butt Hole! WOW! Almost sounds like an RPG now!
  • Different gameplay mechanic for enemies in each map because cultural diversity
  • You can get high on psychedelic mushrooms
  • Levels that actually empower you, no fake shit here
  • Crazy Bobby or normal Bobby (though deep inside, he’s still a nutter)
  • Beautiful maps that you just wanna eat cuz they’re so pretty
  • Gamepad support, since the couch is just too damn comfortable
  • Steam achievements and cards, so hot they’re steaming
  • Story narrated by a shameless ex rock star, he did drugs and stuff and still does. Just kidding…maybe
  • Funny insults you can use on your friends and they won’t get it! You’ll be the only one laughing! +1 social awkwardness
  • Facebook integration! you click the Facebook button and it sends you to the game’s Facebook page!!! WOW!
  • Ends with .exe! Not like many other games that end with the credits
  • We got credits! but we don’t make you watch them…nor the logo. You don’t buy a game to see our e-peen!
  • A lot of other things, that both the artist and I know about, but you don’t so that makes us special … ??? OHH LOOK AT US NOW! WE’RE SPECIAL!





Super dedicated 100000 million GB bandwith website that never….EVER goes down –
Developer’s website (who the fuck’s that?) –
IndieDB, the databse of indies and Bobby is an indie so he wanted to be there, on the databse of indie things and stuffs, usually filled with indie content –
TIGSource, idem IndieDB! –
Orcz a wiki thingy –
Facebook which has things –
Twitter where we never tweet anything –
Tumblr – hahahah we’re not on that weird place


The information contained on this webpage is super legit.
In no event will we be liable for all the bullcrap we wrote here.
The attribution and generation of said bullcrap happened because there are no more interesting to say about the wonderful next generation game called Black Bobby The Hole.
All righto reservo to us, I think. But you can playo if you payo.


We the company, also called we or our, has a game.
You the user, also called, you, buys our game.
You play our game.
You experience fun.
You don’t complain.
If you don’t comply,

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