DevLog #9 – Progress update November 2016

What needs to be done until the launch, which doesn’t seem too likely before December as the initial deadline was set.

The To Do list to make Black Bobby The Hole a great freaking game, and we won’t settle for less.
Sure it could be published even tomorrow, but we got standards.

Red – high priority, cannot be justified launching with that feature/content piece
Orange – medium priority, 50-50 chance that it should be implemented before shipping
Light yellow/green/whatever the heck color it is – a nice to have that can be developed after the launch without hindering the experience as much as to yell about the sky of no people.
Green – finished

Long story short, the focus is on (in this order too):

  1. finishing the main quest line
  2. adding a decent amount of side quest
  3. polishing the Spell system
  4. finishing and proofreading text
  5. updating animations
  6. voice acting

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