DevLog #8 – Guess how many votes Black Bobby The Hole was Greenlit with


At a first glance over the internet, by the low whispers of fellow indie folk, the number of Yes votes for a game to be Greenlit vary from 700 all the way up to 3000. Most tend to say between 700 and 1000 and then they add in weird things like “but that number must be achieved in the first 2 weeks” or “only if yes/no ratio is better than 40%/60%”. Bullshit.

Worthless information

Knowing all these things is useless. Valve stated numerous times that the Yes votes do not matter as much as the general interest of people in the game and that interest can be analyzed by looking at other things, such as:

  • where the traffic came from; if it’s a key giveaway website you bet it’s gonna be a problem for you
  • how the traffic arrived (apart from people checking Greenlight projects on steam, was it organic traffic or spikes); the latter could show some excessive promoting and again, giveaways. Sure you can promote your game all you want, but if the organic traffic is next to zero (if it stops once your promoting stopped) …well… good luck with that.
  • what the users did when they landed on the page. If they don’t watch jack shit, don’t interact at all with the developer and whatever community is around, that means no engagement – bad.
  • developer’s response and PR. It’s not OK to never communicate with whoever comments on your game, it’s not OK to stay there all day and write novels either; common sense, that’s what’s OK.

303 votes, 2 weeks

Black Bobby The Hole was Greenlit with 303 votes in 2 weeks, a kickass greenlight campaign and a facebook following that was actually interested in the game.

And here are the statistics.


I would use up some time to analyze them but nobody knows if yes/no ratio matters or any other numbers for that matter.


The game is pretty special and original, and so is the campaign. I can only assume, so your best bet at a decently relevant response is to ask Steam. I will however write a future post of how the Greenlight campaign was prepared and all that stuff, stuff that again – will probably not work for other games.

Here‘s the Greenlight campaign for anyone interested.


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