DevLog #6 – How I made the Greenlight trailer


The Greenlight trailer. The most important piece in the puzzle. Without it it’s like having a vibrator without batteries. It works but…it’s not efficient, to say the least.

As I stated here, if people don’t get hooked on it in the first 5-10 seconds,  it’s bad.

Anyway I took the path of making an entertaining trailer. You know those funny commercials which don’t make a big info dump on the customer? Yeah something like that.


A screenplay is a script including acting instructions, screen directions, camera information etc.

I researched into it to see how to format one decently and I started devising a plan.

The idea was to make it fast and show a lot of silly content while touching base with the features of the game. Overreacting for entertainment was a norm.


This is the very first scene. I planned the screenplay and then I removed half of it because it was too long.
Right now the movie’s first 9 seconds present Bobby, after which until 00:15 some funny insults are shown and narrated.



I’ve decided to use my own voice for the insults since it had to be very different than the narrator. Somehow I tried to give the feeling of another entity lurking around.

As you can see it has the format of a screenplay with transitions, camera directions and well… usually it has voice acting instructions when I require something special like a high pitched voice, a soothing one, etc. Here no instruction were needed.


Since everything had to go so fast in the beginning to not bore people to death, some transitions were skipped.


The overall content after the beginning was meant to explain a bit about the game while still keeping the lighthearted atmosphere.

Some harsh truths were told to not give players a wrong idea that the game will be too casual. One of these were regarding the grinding, which let’s face it, is everywhere (though here I try to keep it to a minimum).


Showing some abilities that are available a tiny toilet humor sequence was added. I’m not a fan of toilet humor  at all, so the sound effect was just a hiss instead of a full blown fart. Disclaimer followed and funny enough, so did comments from people demanding the fart goes against the disclaimer and it should be in the game…quite an interesting turn there.


Another feature that was highlighted in only 2-3 seconds was the gamepad support. No point in showing how to use it and such in a tiny trailer especially since a lot of PC gamers don’t use them.

I got my girlfriend to bash the controller a bit. My hands are too bulky and I never cut my hair so that’s a problem 😛




The last feature I wanted to showcase … somehow in between all that silly, was the weird quest system which at some point requires you to “Deal so much damage that your computer crashes”. I had to make my own frame for the error since the game doesn’t ACTUALLY crash there, it just simulates it.

My voice was the gamer’s voice again.



The trailer ends with the narrator’s soothing voice encouraging people to not get angry, like the gamer there, and vote.

Anyway if you feel this was any help to you, you could check out the Greenlight page and maybe cast down your judgement with demon unfriendly eyes. Also there you can find the trailer I’ve been babbling about.

If you feel cheated by the lack of information you can download the screenplay from here and maybe find something of use 🙂

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