DevLog #4 – Designing the story using articy:draft, part 2 out of 4



The reason why I’m mentioning articy:draft so much is because it’s awesome. No, this is not a sponsored post or whatever. I really like this software and it helps me get stuff done.
Right, now that I got that disclaimer out of the way…onwards to battle!


The intro story is supposed to explain things a bit to the player and considering that this game’s theme is so weird, it better do a damn good job at explaining!

The first part of the story presented the location, main character and his special trait.
IntroStory_01.gif This second part must now provide a reason for well…why the game is being played.


Basically the end boss made his appearance and started disturbing Bobby’s home and mind. So many sudden insults made poor Bobby go crazy, explaining thus the sickness of the mind spoken about previously.



The location of choice for this story part is an earlier version of the Astral Waves nebula. The reason is that it’s the easiest map so it makes sense to use it (the zone/map) here, where only popups appear, unlike in the next 2 parts where there will be enemies on top of the zone background.



The animations are provided by 3 entities, or actors, however you wish.

  1. The transparent wave which shows how the sound is traveling through space (quite unrealistic from a physic’s point of view)
  2. 4 wiggling popups with censored insults

Everything is on the right side since in the boss fight (map 4), Fluffopath will appear from the right side  as well.





The voice actor was instructed to start off a bit more dramatically in order to emphasize on the roar which triggered everything.


He then continued with stressing out that it’s something which fits well in the fantasy genre by accentuating “magically”. This way the viewer will not expect to find realistic art, animations or physics.

It also covers the case in which players might shrug off the game stating that “there’s no sound in space”, which is true, unless magic is involved – obviously.


The story narration ends with increasing the pitch at “a bunch of curses” laying grounds for the main plot of the game.




The next devlog about this (part 3/4) will show the appearance of Bobby’s enemies.

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