DevLog #2 – About, controls and how it’s different

DevLog%232_Featured_BlurryEdges.pngBanner_About_600x80.pngBlack Bobby The Hole is an RPG game with modern cartoony graphics in which Bobby, the black hole, must defend his home and solve the mystery of the cursing entity.

Banner_Controls_600x80.pngWASD, arrows, controller. But before that, it used to be movement via the mouse like so:
Controls_01.gifAnd then we have the abilities which can be activated with keybinds.


Banner_Customizations_600x80.pngA quick reminder about the first DevLog entry of this project: I saw a game, I liked it, made one of my own and started improving it.
The result will be something so different than the initial game that people won’t be able to compare.

First thing’s first: character customization
Customize%20Bobby.gifThe main character is Bobby, a friendly black hole on a mission to get rid of invading asteroids.

In order to make him more human, poor Bobby needed some eyes first. And that went to shit!
I made the eyes separate and then struggled to sync them. Meanwhile, Bobby was making these retarded faces:
BlackBobbyTheRetard.gifPretty damn funny until I had to spend an hour getting them to sync properly, and another hour to implement the (now) primitive animations.
More customizations included hats, skin color (yes, there is a pink here!) and trail that’s left behind (kinda like an unicorn permanently farting).

At least now has a face and a personality, be that retarded or not.

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