DevLog #10 – Tranzbot Scissorhand

How to not annoy people

Customizations are important but more often than not once you create your character you’re stuck with it. For some games this makes sense, you can’t just visit a barber and change your whole face.

This, however, is not the case here.

Bobby doesn’t have a face, and he’s a black hole, so there aren’t many things stopping him from morphing into something different.

The option to customize Bobby becomes available after the player has got an idea what the game is like. This helps alleviate the problem in which the user is forced even before the game starts to customize something he knows very little of.

Tranzbot Scissorhand

In order to customize Bobby, one must approach the robot which goes under the name of Tranzbot Scissorhand. He’s a rather funny computer with mechanical arms plugged into common interface sockets.

This is the armature of one of his idle animations, out of many:

With the sprites it ends up looking like so:


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