About Black Bobby The Hole

A Casual Something Arcade Thing!

Black Bobby The Hole is an arcade game with modern cartoony graphics in which Bobby, the black hole, must defend his home and solve the mystery of the cursing entity.


Short version

Bobby was disturbed (mentally) by a big bang and some loud curses. What followed was an invasion of unfriendly asteroids.

His sole purpose now is to defend his home side of the Milky Wow galaxy.

Long and funny version

We even made a video with it to show Bobby’s retarded face! Many thanks to Ben Palladino for voice acting this.


Bobby_AreYouKiddingMeCharacter development for a black hole?

Sure, why not? Realistically speaking black holes kinda grow once they nom a lot of astronomical objects.

In this game, Bobby gets experience which leads to leveling up which in turn increases his HP and unlocks new abilities.


There are 10 abilities throughout the 10 levels Bobby can acquire and at this point they kinda look like this:










And the last 2 are a surprise 😛

Where’s the fun at?

The fun happens when players combine their reflex, spacial awareness and strategy to win in tight situations such as boss fights or waves of enemies.

Knowing when to use what ability is rather important too, so the game isn’t really 1 dumb mechanic of moving the mouse (with Bobby attached to it) out of harm’s way.

Anything else?

Steam achievements, overlay and trading cards and 4 levels with different winning conditions.

See you on Greenlight soon!

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