Who I am

Half gamer half developer, fully mental.

I am a wrongfully unemployed indie game developer (though some might say I’m my own sexually abusive boss). I sit in my pirate cave (which is also my greedy office) all day long with my crazy non virtual girlfriend, my turtle companion which I hope will die soon and my fish army.

I play games and I make games. Coffee is my life’s essence, and alcohol keeps the creativity going. I have frequent headaches and I eat a lot of pills with beer. Gets me high, keeps me happy.

Writing a whole lot of offending nothing is my privilege and I usually fiddle around like a bad reputation owner.
JeFawk 600x300 blurred edges

I’m usually an utterly impolite opinion user and I can be normal at times too, but why the fuck would I want that?

This website contains more relevant things and stuff.


Gotta love your completely owning your psychosis. People need to own their flaws, not sweep it under a rug. – Leo LeBlanc

This is gold – Jason English

Someone who didn’t get sufficient attention as a child? – Christopher Golebiowski

Who ppl think I am, who i really am, what ppl think i do :)) – Joseph Najjar

I think that Andrei is cool. Everyone else suxxxx D: – Adrian Mircea

I like your blog, you actually sound like a interesting dude
PS: Nice body, not enough tongue though – Diogo Pereira

More contrast if you please

I am also a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Microsoft Specialist….just because I like to rub my paper in people’s faces when they think I’m such an authentic retard.

A Microsoft Certified Developer as well as … other things.

This is my YouPorn channel.

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