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Everyone wants to work from home

I’m writing this in a day of Sunday at 4:26 AM after some odd requests from here. Do you want to know what I did all day? I woke up at … 11:30 PM like a boss … right? Wrong! Last night I was doing “marketing” at 5 AM.

I woke up and had a “surprise” regarding my girlfriend (yeah she’s still here…jerk -.-).

Ate some cereals and started working. Until I had to eat again, and I ate in front of the computer. What? Cereals (not that I didn’t have something else, this is just the fastest “meal”).

At 8 PM and 1 AM I took a break of 3 hours in total.

“Yeah but you stay home and you can do whatever you want” – aha…ok? Yeah it’s true, not all days are like this, sometimes I don’t even take breaks. Combine that with the financial insecurity and you have something that’s called passion. That’s the only reason why.

I always wanted to do it, I was mesmerized by others doing it and I didn’t wait for the opportunity to arrive, I created it myself. Because I was passionate about it.

So before you close this webpage and sign your resignation paper try to think about it…do you really have that passion? Are you really going to ignore the risks you are taking and the impact this will have on your future miserable life? Or is your life already so miserable that you don’t give a fuck or two anymore? There’s always room for worse.


As always, don’t quit your job yet.

A lot of people say that you should not quit your job, and they are right. Unless you can live without that income it’s pointless.
By the time you run out of your savings, the game will not be finished, or it will be but the quality enough high enough to even pass Greenlight, or to provide income from random mobile stores for that matter.
I did it because I could afford living without my software developer job, and that is thanks to my girlfriend.

About Features ImageAre you perseverant? Do you know how to use a game engine to create a mediocre game? (don’t worry, your first ones will be mediocre at best) Do you have 2 backup plans? Know that quality art costs? Know how to code? Will you have a place to live while doing all this?

If the answers are yes, then go to www.google.com and search for a sexually abused game engine. If you know a lot of programming I suggest you try out Unity2Douches. Otherwise check out Castrate 2 or Game Something.

So if you’re still going to do it, at least you got the balls to follow your dream, possibly soon to become nightmare.

Aw, one more thing…those breaks I was talking about, well I’m writing this while taking one.

It’s 5 AM again…fuck.Late


  1. Hi! Loved the article. I’ve been on-my-free-time-indie-game-developer for about 5 years now and I agree it’s hard, harsh & requires tons amount of time but still… it’s amazing.

    In your case of-course it’s different. You quit your job and basically starting from scratch which is crazy and nobel.

    Anyway, somehow your blog is negative but I feel quite inspired after reading your posts. 🙂

  2. Mentally ill? 😀 It’s good then, it sucks to be normal. It sucks to wake up at 7, go to work, come back at 6 or whatever, watch TV and go to bed.

    It’s a boring non-constructive life that only gives you pleasure 2 days a week.

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