Take a break

Just give it a rest will you

Weekends? Time off? What? I’m self-employed, I don’t need breaks, right?

I’ve been working on the same project for around 7 months.

My game is a non-conventional 18+ point and click adventure game. Right now it barely has any gameplay. Why? Because I’ve been fucking around with the inventory system for half of this time. I’m at my third.

This happened because I was not open minded about things, and, I believe, I could not get a different view on the design. I always had an idea, I thought it through and then I worked hard on implementing it. And then I took a break, unwillingly.

Some health problems appeared and I had to take a break. After I resumed work, I couldn’t believe I was the one which wrote all that shit. So I deleted everything and I started working on a 2nd inventory system. And then I had to take a break again. Came back, realized everything was crap and deleted it.

Floating Brain 01

Tunnel vision

My point is that I strongly believe that due to the lack of breaks I develop a tunnel vision. As much as I think I considered the issues beforehand, they always bite me in the ass.

Recently I took a 3 day pause, something very rare. Usually my breaks are less than an average person’s weekend, and not that often either. After I resumed work I found that my efficiency was really high in the first few days. It was amazing! I found solutions to problems I’ve been dealing with for weeks! In one day I had done work worth of 5. The ideas on how to solve problems just naturally came to me. Not to mention that I could concentrate much better on the tasks at hand and not get side tracked.

Facebook post from a person asking how much time people spend working on their projects.

Working Hours

Don’t be like this. It’s not efficient unless your project is to carry rocks all day.

Working efficient

“But this worked for me” or you just didn’t realize how inefficient you were. Or you’re not working in a creative field Mr. Bob The Builder.

Sure, it can work for you to stare at the same thing for 8-10 hours a day, 7 days a week for a longer time. But the question is: do you want to work a lot or work efficient?

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