Stop using cloud as a backup solution


“The cloud? How is that not safe? Are you mental?”

The cloud sounds like a great place to put valuable files. But think about this, you are handing over your work, files, pictures of your family, porn, games and whatever else you got there. And you are handing these over to a stranger that promises to keep them online, synchronized and safe without him getting paid. Doesn’t that sound like a scam?

Well here’s the deal, it is a scam but it’s documented, and he kinda gets paid using the information that you upload.

  • Going through a few privacy policies and terms of use documents from some of the biggest cloud players out there, it seems that these companies use your files to get information about you, which in turn transforms into targeted ads. No big deal, right? You just see advertising that’s more relevant to you.
  • Then how about employees that sneak around in your files? (this case was of a conversation, these convos usually have a log somewhere = a file)
  • How about when the anti porn robot has a trigger on a file with your girlfriend? Or an image you made for your work, or for your lolz. And then an employee comes and drools at your girl, or starts checking the whole folder for other things since he’s already there.
  • How about when your account is banned or hacked and everything is deleted permanently?
  • Services do close unexpectedly.
  • And on top of everything, the company hosting your files already has privacy breaches in their software.

3 days of work went down the drain


My last issue with using OneDrive resulted in losing 3 days of work due to an error in the synchronization. I started syncing from my laptop and it did not work – got stuck at syncing… . So I went to my desktop and worked on the file for 3 days, then my laptop synced the old file over the newest one so….yea.

Add to that the extremely low bandwidth allocated by Microsoft and their cloud service turns into crap. Needless to say this shouldn’t be considered only a Microsoft issue, as I’ve read that Google’s robot is more thorough, while Dropbox bans en gros users that the service considered they shared copyrighted stuff.

So why should you bother?

The world seems to be going in the no copyright, no porn, safe spaces everywhere direction. If this keeps on going it will just add more restrictions to the cloud services, be them government imposed or company rules. So why should you even bother?

  1. If your computer can hold all your data without any sign of problems (space wise) just get 1 external HDD the size of your computer’s HDD or bigger and backup everything there. If you travel, get a flash disk too if you’re usually working on 1 project at a time to avoid carrying the external HDD around and possibly damaging it.
  2. If your computer cannot hold all your data, get 2 external HDDs, one to hold all the data and another one to back up from the first. Or get a bigger HDD for your computer and read the paragraph above in this case.

I fall under the 2nd point, got 2 WD HDD with encryption on them by default, they’re much faster than the shitty cloud, they don’t use my HDD to check that everything is synced every 5 minutes, nor my internet bandwidth. Got an automated backup set (they came with backup software) once a day and it works out great.


Obviously there are people that will start complaining saying “omg use a repository”. That’s cloud too buddy…with all the problems attached.


I couldn’t be happier with my backup solution.


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