Sleep is for the weak


I am writing this at 4 AM. I woken up 30 minutes ago and will go back to sleep at 7 AM, then at 7:40 AM I will wake up again!

“Everyman” sleep cycle

Along with deciding that quitting my job is great move in my life, I also decided to try out a different sleep cycle. After a little documentation, the Everyman one seemed to be the easiest to follow since it provides so much room for error and wow was that space needed or what!

I never believed that you can fall asleep in less than 20 seconds

My previous 4-5h sleep schedule was not that great. I was sleeping the whole time in 1 go and I was having huge energy drops, as huge as it got me to fall asleep on random objects at home sometimes in less than 20 seconds.

I was falling asleep at work, in the subway, on the toilet, everywhere there was nothing interesting to do. At work, once, I fell asleep and unconsciously slammed my mouse on the desk while yelling “Brrrrrrrrr”. Then I woke up but didn’t dare to look around. Everybody was probably staring at me.

I even had dreams while falling asleep at work – going into R.E.M. almost instantly, and those dreams were about co-workers. Imaging how confused I was when I was waking up to find a different reality from the one in my dream where everyone was a nutcase.

What kept me going was coffee. And a lot of it. Like around 8 cups a day.

Stacked coffee boxes

Stacked coffee boxes

I had to drink 2 espresso before I could even think of going to work. When I got there, a cup of coffee was made before I even sat down at my desk. Then the shitting usually happened after which I figured my body flushed out most of the caffeine so time to get more coffee again.

I’d reach the lunch break with around 5 cups of coffee/espresso in me already.

~2-3 more until my schedule was over, then another few back home.

Sleep cycle didn’t work, fuck it.

There was always a time when we (my girlfriend tried it too to support me) didn’t wake up to the 3 alarms while not remembering afterwards what happened. On top of that we were feeling like turds that just hit the floor: headaches, depression, lack of sex drive and overall tiredness. So fuck that!

Instead of sleeping 5 hours throughout the day in cycles I went to my old working schedule which was sleeping 5 a night + coffee. The only difference is that now, being “unemployed” I can do all sorts of interesting things that will keep me awake as long as I need to.


My stash of coffee, black/green tea and other delicious beverages to keep me up at nights.

A most recent improvement to my sleep formula is black/green tea. At work I didn’t have the means to make a decent bloody cup, but home…..fuck yeah!



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