Quitting my job


Best thing ever…I hope?

  • 8 years in elementary school – general knowledge
  • 4 years in IT high school – a very few good friends
  • 4 years in IT faculty – 1 good friend
  • 1.5 years as analyst programmer at a bank – my own projects, some SQL < pretty useful actually
  • 4 months as software developer – wtf period
  • freelancer – free at last!

I took the decision to leave my current job and to try as hard as possible to stay away from companies. The further away, the better.

Up until now I was doing everything the right way, step by step. I knew that in order to achieve X, I have to go through the whole alphabet first and I knew this due to how I was raised. My parents did the same in life and they got it pretty good. They are used to the old times, times when you had to have a stable job, to be married when you were 23, kids at 25, 8 hours a day sleep, etc. This lifestyle however is no longer valid; people are more dynamic now. Sure…Romania is still kinda old fashioned mainly due to the communistic period but I don’t see why that should stop me.

Why my education was pretty much useless


I’m pretty sure this story applies to most people. My elementary school was boring and useless, I had to learn a lot of things by heart and take everything for granted, no questions asked. High school was part disappointing; in the IT classes we used Turbo Pascal, the blue screen version. Why not Java? Because people are stupid. Next came the IT faculty, one of the best in the whole country. HUGE disappointment! I found most of the teachers ignorant, and almost all the classes useless.
At the bank I was supposed to learn a lot of new things blabla, the usual crap they tell you at the interview. If I didn’t take any action on my own I would have copied files from servers all day long. I developed some applications that would do that automatically which greatly improved my coding and design skills and gave me a lot of free time. Aw yea…I had a bit of exposure to SQL so at least I got that going for me but the dress code and the stiffness everywhere was pretty damn hard to bear.

The period in which I was employed at the bank had changed me quite a lot. I started ignoring what I’ve known till then. I started sleeping 3 to 4 hours in the weekday, I started drinking a lot…A LOT of coffee and with a friend’s help I realized that most people are usually stupid and that it’s OK to be disgusted of them.

Large Blog ImageSomething similar to the bank happened at the company I worked for as a software developer. I start off really excited and proud of myself but ended up depressed. I had to either search for hidden code in a 10 years old application or to copy-paste pieces from one function to another without really understand what was happening and why. I continued my rebellion against what I was taught. It was good for me and it got me really far. I had some side projects which boosted my confidence as I was acknowledging that there are simply a lot of stupid people in world. It’s a bitter-sweet feeling. Obviously to the smarter bunch, I’m quite retarded myself, but at least I’m smart enough to realize this.

Knowing when to stop

After a long debate with my girlfriend I decided to stop. To stop being employed, to stop being told what to do and what not, to stop going from one side of the city to the other. To stop and to start all over. I believe I have enough life … and Internet experience to manage a decent life while being free, because this is freedom for me, to kiss her when I want to, to do whatever the heck I want because I can. The only problem I had to deal with was that I won’t be making as much money for some time and that I must feel OK with that.

I have her full support which is the reason why you are reading this.

  1. Good luck. Going indie is never an easy decision, but if you’re focused, open to learning, and can get something solid out before you run out of money, you may have a chance.

  2. Good luck dude, as long as you have your wit’s about you and a passion/support base behind you of those who believe in your endeavors(That are willing to not lie to you out of sympathy).

    You should have no problem…

    On that note: Sell out now and make a indie porn/hentai game…

    Seriously, that’s all statistically gamers want at this moment lol.

    Regards, fellow indie dev. 🙂

  3. Hahaha porn/hentai game huh? 😀 Not sure how that would work with game stores 🙂 and if I don’t have that well hmmm….self publishing with no platform to support it is kinda dead.

  4. lol, if they can get Bayonetta 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition though…

    You will be fine.

    Sex and gimmicks sell better than I imagined.

    I went into indie development hoping to innovate and wow with stellar game-play.

    But when you are competing against anime hentai romance simulators and losing miserably in a war of relevancy…

    You just get that sinking feeling of FML: “why didn’t I just do that from the beginning” 🙂

    Got to make that living somehow right?! Hehe.

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