My first game jam and it sucked


Join a game jam they said, it will be fun they said.

Yeah…if I actually have time to make anything good!

Not enough time

My first game jam was for the Facebook group Indie dev game hangout something (what a long name wtf). I started off by insulting members in order to get noticed, then went on to make my game. My game idea was especially thought for the game jam, which means a minimalistic game so that I have time to implement things that I want. Did it happen? NO….

Add the unexpected


I had to make a game with the title Generic Nuclear Blast. My game would have the player go though several stages of creating a funny bomb, with shapes like heartshaped, no shape (just the components flying around), etc. Radioactive material would include oatmeal, uranium, etc. It was supposed to be a lighthearted half funny half serious game. And then real life happened, and more real life, and more, and more.

The last thing I remember was waking up at 6 AM in the last day of the jam, with several hours before completion. The game was 20% done and I was sleepy and edgy. In the end the game was let’s say 50% of what I intended it to be when I submitted it. It won 3rd place (out of 6 games) and I strongly believe it was ranked perfectly.

The morale in my case is that I always must account for the unexpected, be that code related or real life.
It was an interesting experience with deadlines for me and the artist behind it, a quite good one actually, just wish I had more fucking time to make everything I wanted, but then again that shouldn’t supposed to happen in a game jam I guess.

The game crap can be found here.

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