Motion sensored bathroom


Humiliating toilet

It was my first week at a new workplace and I went to the toilet. After I finished, as I bent over to use the toilet paper I heard a loud click and the bloody lights went out!

From the shock of suddenly not seeing anything I retracted my butthole deep inside and got up by instinct. Several seconds passed and I came to realize that the lights turned off.
I was amazed. It was unbelievable. I pulled out the toilet paper out of my ass since it got kinda stuck when I got scared. Remembering that loud click made me think that the room must have had a movement sensor or some thing. Frustrated I yelled “Hey!” just to recall that it’s a MOVEMENT sensor. What to do, what to do? I blindly grabbed a big pile of paper and threw it over the walls (movement I though). Sadly it did not work.

Balls hangin’

I was now getting more frustrated by the moment when I finally got the nerves to exit the toilet stall. The next second the lights turn on and in the mirror I see a half naked guy with his pants down and toilet paper at his feet. I looked so pathetic it was incredible.

That fucking toilet managed to humiliate me more than anything in my life and I constantly took revenge by giving it shit…at least until I moved to my third job.

P.S: no phone on me to use the flashlight

Holding something dear to me

Holding something dear to me

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