Greenlight replaced with a fee per game


Valve released a blog post about what plans they have for as soon as the Spring in 2017. They plan on completely removing the Greenlight process and replacing it with a refundable fee per title. Right now the data they acquired suggests the fee should range between 100$ and 5000$.

5000$ WOW!

Vladimir-face-01.pngThis is amazing and some people in their panic (5000$ WOW!) fail to realize the following:

1. The fee range is not final.
2. Most games were getting Greenlit anyway, so it’s not like bad games that will buy their way in weren’t on the store to begin with.
3. The higher the fee, the less shit games there will be to compete with yours. It will reduce the chance for customers to buy shovelware games with nice screenshots instead of your quality product.

Some say this will lead for other platforms to rise, but it’s unlikely to happen. It’s not like players can’t buy games anymore, it’s shitty asset flippers that won’t have access to Steam because it won’t be profitable.
Crappy developers usually don’t have a fan base that will follow them around. Players will log on steam and buy stuff like they used to, bad developers will go on G2A and try to sell there instead.

No Steam user ever goes on Steam thinking “Oh boy! I wonder what crap games I can buy today!”

At the end of the day, less competition = more visibility; less shit on steam = more confident buyers.

This will only hit the developers who buy the Greenlight on their account once, make shitty games that can never go much above whatever fee Steam puts, and thus will not be able to dish out their crap anymore.

It is good if you make good games.

All you need to do, as in most businesses is to invest money in order to get money.


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