3 guys 1 cable

3 guys 1 cable featured

Beware of the cable guy

I was minding my own business, trying to do some paperwork before diving into Generic Nuclear Blast. First, a drilling machine stopped any attempt of a conversation with Frostnight, the artist I work with. Then the Internet goes down.

That’s just great.

No Internet = no work

I go on the hallway and find 3 cable guys staring into the cable management chamber. They tell me it’s going to be only for a couple of minutes cause they’re putting up an UPS, however 10 minutes later I found myself staring at the same fucking room as they were.

A guy was asking me if I know which company owns a dangling cable “cause it’s not ok for cables to dangle”, another dude was asking what company owned the routers and the last one was repeating over and over “is it working now? is it working?”. They basically didn’t know shit and all these stupid questions were great material for showcasing their ineptitude.

Not getting anywhere, they got bored and left. Once the hillbilly got out of the way and I could see better what was going on in there, I find the “dangling” cable the guy was talking about. Obviously it had a label attached stating that it’s the Internet company’s.

Retarded is a compliment

Power cord“Holy shit, are they so retarded?” I thought to myself. In all the commotion I failed to realize (or more like to see anything) they were testing the wrong bloody router too; the Internet ones are one floor below. I go there, open the door and see that all the routers are off. No power, nada.

I go up, plug in dangling cable, and the Internet miraculously works.


Is it plugged in?

So basically, to sum it up, these fucking RETARDS came, unplugged 1 cable from the only socket available to get power to their UPS, didn’t plug the net cable in the UPS and started wondering why the fuck the Internet doesn’t work.


Never underestimate stupidity.

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