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Right! This post is about a book written by the artist involved in my projects. Nothing interesting, correct? Yup. Unless we can get it Greenlit on Steam.

But it’s a book, not a game!

I hear you. So what? Steam nowadays has software, music and movies. What’s wrong with e-books? Better yet, what’s wrong with software providing better immersion towards someone reading a story? It’s entertainment.

That’s what the application I made attempts.

When the book was finished it was published to Amazon and Smashwords. Pretty usual. However I figured there’s no reason for people to read the book from their Kindle app on their phone if they can find the book directly in the store, which looks much better and provides a better reading experience. So the idea to put it on the Windows 10 Store (phone and desktop) was born and the app was accepted a few hours before the start of 2016.

The next logical step would have been to put it on Android and iPhone, but that might need to wait a while as the efforts are now split between the Steam Greenlight Concept and older projects as Corpus Inedia.


This is how it looks on the phone. The desktop version is just a tad wider; not gonna bother with screenshots there since it’s basically almost the same thing.

Tales From Haran screenshot 01Tales From Haran screenshot 02

Tales From Haran screenshot 03

Tales From Haran screenshot 04

Tales From Haran screenshot 05

Tales From Haran screenshot 06

Tales From Haran screenshot 07

Art done by the writer herself. Artist and writer, 2 in 1.
Sounds like a detergent commercial…

Where to get

Anyway for people using Windows 10 it’s up for grabs over here.

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